Terms & Conditions

UniTutor Student Agreement

  1. By consenting to this Agreement the student:
    1. confirms they have read and understood all of the terms and conditions;
    2. agrees to carry out all obligations imposed on them by the terms and conditions herein; and
    3. accepts that any breach will result in the immediate termination of services provided by UniTutor.
  2. The student agrees to make payments for tutorials in advance via ‘PayPal’ in accordance with the UniTutor fees schedule.
  3. The student agrees to:
    1. attend all tutorials they have agreed to participate in;
    2. arrive at the tutorials designated place on time and with the correct study material;
    3. behave appropriately and in the manner which would not cause disruption;
    4. not engage in actions that are unlawful; and
    5. adhere to the disciplinary regulations (including the code of student conduct) of the University they attend.
  4. UniTutor agrees to provide the Tutor to the student. Where the Tutor becomes unavailable due to circumferences beyond the control of the tutor or UniTutor, UniTutor will take reasonable steps to notify students and either:
    • confirm the appointment of an alternative Tutor; or
    • reschedule the tutorial; or
    • cancel the tutorial with a refund or credit against a future tutorial.
  5. UniTutor agrees to provide students with independent, contracted tutors.
  6. UniTutor’s liability is limited to $100.00 for negligence on part of the tutors but any liability of UniTutor shall in no circumstances arise from any future, economic consequential loss.
  7. UniTutor encourages students to use the UniTutor website constructively. Any defamatory or offensive comments concerning a Tutor, student or any other person on the UniTutor website is strictly prohibited.
  8. Where a student is unhappy with the progress made or wishes to make a complaint about a tutor, they may do so by contacting UniTutor staff directly on info@unitutor.co.nz .
  9. UniTutor does no guarantee the academic performance of individual students or assert that students will necessarily gain scholarships or grants, receive entry into restricted courses or achieve higher grades. Any improvement in academic performance is entirely dependent upon the individual students themselves.
  10. UniTutor is a supplementary service and should not be considered a substitute to a university paper’s prescribed workload. UniTutor recommends its services to be used in addition to prescribed workloads.
  11. UniTutor does not consent to private arrangements made between students and tutors concerning private tuition. This includes both casual and formal agreements between students and tutors. Students are also forbidden to encourage anyone else to enter into any agreements with tutors outside the knowledge and consent of UniTutor.
  12. UniTutor reserves the right to alter, amend or to add to the terms and conditions herein, after first giving notice via email or onsite notifications.
  13. Any breach of these terms and conditions by a student may result in UniTutor pursuing legal remedies against that student.

UniTutor Tutors Agreement

Will be given and signed on completion of the interview.