Info for Parents


How can UniTutor help?

All parents have similar dreams for their children. The common theme is that their children are happy and successful in whatever path they choose to take. However, it is sometimes difficult being a parent of a University student, especially when you hear that your child is finding a paper or subject challenging.

This is where UniTutor comes to the rescue.

You now have the ability to help your children who are finding papers hard, want a competitive edge or to simply further their understanding. UniTutor is private tutoring company designed specifically for University students.

You can be assured that your money is going towards helping your child’s future and can feel confident that UniTutor’s Tutors are of Quality. All of UniTutor’s tutors are personally interviewed, grade approved and police checked before their profiles are uploaded onto the website. UniTutor offers a diverse range of tutors that accommodate to the needs of each individual student.

For parents living in a different city, UniTutor could be the solution to your child’s educational concerns.