Selecting a Tutor

About UniTutor

Step 1 - Searching the Paper

Enter the paper code and then University that you are wishing to find a Tutor for e.g. BSNS102 Dunedin

Step 2 – Selecting a Tutor

If there are no Tutors for the paper that you are looking for head to the contact us page and request one. Someone from UniTutor’s Management will start looking for you. When selecting a Tutor it’s important that you choose a Tutor that best suits you. UniTutor has 3 different price rates which are relative to the Tutor’s education and experience as a Tutor (all relevant information is available on their individual Tutor profiles). 

Step 3 – Booking the Tutorial

To book a Tutorial, make sure that you have Topped-Up your UniTutor account. Select the time, date and the number of people attending the Tutorial as there will be different prices. UniTutor has a maximum of 3 people attending Tutorials. Once booked, you will get a confirmation email and a reminder email the day before the tutorial.

Step 4 – Meeting the Tutor

Make sure that you understand where you are meeting your Tutor. Email UniTutor staff if you do not understand your meeting point. Remember that you know what your Tutor looks like from their profile picture and the Tutor will be holding an orange UniTutor folder. Come prepared. This might mean that you bring your textbook, lecture notes, problem questions or a calculator.

Step 5 – Attending the tutorial

Tutorials begin on the hour and last for 50 minutes. This gives each of you time to get to your next class. Make the most of your 50 minutes, asking questions and explaining the material back to the Tutor to check that you fully understand the concept.

Step 6 – Posting Feedback

This is the last step. This way we can hold a record of the tutorials that have taken place. This also allows UniTutor Management can monitor the success of the Tutors. Your Tutor will not get paid until you have confirmed the feedback, so make sure you do it after your tutorial or you will get a daily email reminder.