Being a Great Tutor

being a great tutor

“Treat others the way you wish to be treated”

What would you expect when attending a private tutorial?


Here are some tips that UniTutor find very important for becoming a great Tutor.

  1. Being patient – having the patience to working through a tough problem for certain students.
  2. Communication – being able to effectively communicate the idea across to the student. Speaking in a clear comforting voice without being condescending.
  3. Enthusiasm – being passionate about the subject(s) you are teaching can aid in the learning and understanding of the student in front of you. It is important to have fun as this creates a positive learning environment for the student.
  4. Punctuation – arriving on time, if not early, is the best way to start a tutorial. A late Tutor is not acceptable.
  5. Adaptable – adapting to the student in front of you, whether that is breaking down communication barriers, or changing your teaching methods based on the students learning ability, for example drawing diagrams, mind maps instead of words.
  6. Be Compassionate/Empathetic – it’s important to consider different students learning abilities, speeds etc.
  7. Approachable – remember to smile and be friendly to the students particularly on the first meeting when you are building a rapport. Especially if you want multiple tutorials from this student.
  8. Preparation – this is the one of the most important aspects. You need to be prepared for the tutorial so that the session runs smoothly and the student can ask you questions about the material.
  9. Listening - make sure you understand what the student is finding difficult and help them with these things.
  10. Confidence – alongside this comes trust. You are intelligent, that is why you have been chosen to tutor for UniTutor. If you lack confidence, the student will lack confidence.