How it works

UniTutor is a tutoring company that lets students select quality Tutors for University level papers. All Tutors are or have been University students who have not only completed the paper they tutor, but mastered it.

UniTutor provides one on one, two on one and three on one tutorials. During exam time periods we also offer Workshops for selected papers which cater to class of approx 40 students over a 4 -6 hour period.



UniTutor is here to help take the stress out of finding a private Tutor. We offer quality Tutors, whom we have interviewed and assessed their grades, ensuring you are getting the right guidance from someone who has been in your position.

Searching a paper code

  • Firstly check to see if we have Tutors for the paper that you are looking for. If not head to our contact us page and request one.

Signing up / Logging in

  • An easy to follow registration process will give you your own UniTutor account to access the tutors you need. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or an email account can be used to get you started.
  • Having a UniTutor account allows us to contact you when we have end of year workshops that might suit you.

Selecting your Tutor

  • There may be several Tutors tutoring the same paper. Selections can be made on availability, education and experience. Tutors all have a small bio and three words that best describe them.
  • Things to consider when selecting a tutor. What is the purpose of the tutorial? Help with an upcoming assigment? Prepration for an exam or test? 

Topping up your Account

  • You must do this in order to book your Tutorial. All tutorials are scheduled for an hour but only last 50 minutes. This is so that you can both get to your next class, should you have one.
  • During the top up process you will be directed to PayPal then directed back to the site once the payment is complete.
  • You may top up in any denominations. 

Booking the Tutorial

  • Double, even triple check that the time you are about to choose suits you as UniTutor does not refund tutorials once they are booked.
  • Make sure you select the correct number of students that will attend the tutorial as this will either increase or decrease the overall price of the tutorial.

Attending the Tutorial

  • A reminder email will be sent the day before your tutorial. This email will have all the details needed to meet up with your tutorial. Remember that you know what your Tutor looks like from their profile picture and that they will be holding an orange UniTutor folder.
  • Be on time and come prepared. This could mean bringing your lecture notes, textbook or even problem questions.
  • Note that tutorials last for 50 minutes and if you are late to the tutorial the Tutor does not owe you extra time.

Placing Feedback

  • The last step in completing a tutorial is confirming the feedback that the Tutor sent in. This is really just our way for you to confirm that the tutorial took place. It is crucial that you do this as soon as possible. If you do not do it within 24 hours, you will receive an email then a phone call.

Otago Commerce papers – These Workshops are 4 hours. 

Otago Health Sci papers – These Workshops are 5 hours.   

What is a Workshop ? 

A Workshop is a large tutorial where an experienced tutor will give you a student to student level course summary with practice questions, answers and even some special tricks! To keep you fuelled we will also provide "healthy" and "non-healthy" snacks during a half-time period. Our Workshops are 4 hours but sometimes a little longer for those really tricky papers like Health Sciences!

Why only 4 - 5 hours? 

As we have been doing this for 5 years now we have learned the best methods for maximizing student engagement and enthusiasm. Our Workshops are well structured, straight to the point and can easily be slotted into your own study regime. It is important to us that you are engaging and actively learning during the duration of our Workshops and from consultation with past students we have discovered that a 4-5hour length is optimal to enable this.

Where are the Workshops? 

All Workshops take a maximum of 5 minutes to walk from the University. A detailed description for each Workshop's location is given once purchased. Signage and UniTutor staff members will be outside each Workshop to welcome you in, so you can't miss it! 

How much are the Workshops? 

Our Workshops are around $70 which covers the cost of hiring top-quality, experienced tutors who work tirelessly to prepare fantastic course summaries, practice questions, and answers, and deliver them during the upbeat, engaging and productive Workshops! The price also covers the cost of the take-away resources and the food provided.

Why UniTutor? 

We have been holding these sessions for 5 years now and last year’s student feedback blew us away! Students told us that ALL of our tutors were rated on average at least a 9.2 out of 10. 94.9% of students also said that they would attend another UniTutor Workshop in the future. Our interviewing process is extensive, and if a tutor doesn't score a 9 or 10 average from student feedback they will no longer be a Workshop tutor of ours!

Additional information

Please note you must have a UniTutor student account to attend a Workshop. (So you can’t buy two seats in one Workshop)

Please choose your Workshop carefully as with this semester’s numbers we won’t be able to accommodate any “swapping” of seats.

If group tutoring is not for you, please remember that you can book one on one tutorials with our quality tutors by searching a paper code above!

Note that to book a workshop, you need to select the session time that you want to attend. 


Good luck for your exams! Study hard!



UniTutor takes the hassle out of private tutoring by creating a platform for students to find you. We take care of the payment, ensuring you get paid and we bring students to you! It’s easy, efficient and rewarding in more ways than one.

Updating your schedule

  • By updating your schedule weekly this maximises your ability to earn. It is easily completed by logging into your UniTutor account.

Checking your emails daily

  • Check your emails everyday as you don’t know when someone is going to want to book a tutorial with you. The earliest that someone can book a tutorial with you is two days in advance.

Confirming scheduled tutorials

  • Once someone books a tutorial with you, you will be sent an email to confirm the time. You can do this by clicking the link in the email or logging in and doing manually.

Attending the tutorials

  • A reminder email will be sent to you the day before the tutorial. This email will have all the details you need should you forget something.
  • Please remember to be on time and standing at your meeting location with your orange UniTutor folder.
  • Also be prepared to ask nearby students if they look like they are waiting for you.

Uploading feedback

  • Uploading feedback that the tutorial has taken place is the last duty of attending the tutorial.
  • We encourage you to do so at the end of the tutorial and get your student to confirm at the same time.

Getting paid

  • Once the feedback has been confirmed by the student you will see that your UniTutor account will be credited your hourly pay rate.
  • Our pay week runs from Monday to Sunday and then you will be paid weekly on the following Wednesday.


For all other questions head to our FAQ or send us an email via our Contact us page.