Becoming a Tutor

being a great tutor

Want a high paying part time job? The flexibility that lets you put your own course first? To be paid for revision? Want to help out your fellow peers? Then UniTutor may be interested in you!

UniTutor is always looking for Fantastic individuals to become tutors. We are actively seeking potential tutors in Dunedin, Wellington and Auckland regions. 

Step 1 – Registering online

This process should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete online, it will include a few quick questions about who you are, your education and motives for wanting to be a Tutor. Remember that the small bio and 3 words that best describe you, will be used on your profile. No matter what, UniTutor staff will get back to you regarding your application.

Step 2 – The Interview

This is where you will need to bring a copy of your University grades (a PIMS print out is fine), a physical copy of your CV (with at least one referee) and proof of ID (NZ Drivers licence or Passport). You will be asked a series of questions and have your photo taken.

Step 3 –The Police Check

If the interview went well with UniTutor the final step is a Police check. Once cleared and completed you will be notified via email. Your profile will then be uploaded to the Tutor section on the website.

Step 4 – The Job and Responsibilities

Welcome to UniTutor. It is now important that you check your emails daily for any upcoming Tutorials that you may have. You also need to regularly update your availability section. You can change your availability each week if you need to. If you are scheduled for a tutorial you can’t make please contact UniTutor immediately.