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“It’s all about the recycling of Knowledge”

Long story short – UniTutor hires Postgraduate and other excellent students to tutor Undergraduate students and everything else in between!

UniTutor is a tutoring company designed specifically for University students. It is a platform for students to search, book and pay for tutorials for specific University papers. UniTutor doesn’t just offer tutors, it offers Quality tutors.

UniTutor believes that there is a large demand for one-on-one tutoring supplementary to that which is offered. But where do students go to find tutors? Let alone find good tutors?

This is where UniTutor comes in. Our online booking system deals with the payment, time, date and location of each tutorial. Tutoring accounts have been created so that parents can directly top-up their son’s or daughter’s tutoring account. That way they know their money is being spent on tutorials and not the weekend’s activities!

Unitutor offers private tutoring and workshops for most papers at University. Please search our website to find the right tutor for you. If you are looking for a tutor you can not find ie: BSNS 102 please contact us at otago@unitutor.co.nz or facebook us.

UniTutor specialises in one-on-one private tutoring and also includes two-on-one and three-on-one tutorials. More than four at a table and the ability of the students tends to vary too much. We have done our research too!

Throughout the year we also offer Workshops which are a good one-off way to find out “how much can you learn in a few hours?” These are cost effective and a great final summary before you begin your exam preparation. Normally Workshops are offered for first year and some second year papers.

UniTutor is as much for the Tutors as it is for the students. Tutors can directly adjust and update their availability for tutoring on a weekly basis as UniTutor understands that their own study has to come first. Tutoring looks great on your CV and can be a truly rewarding experience.

Tutoring is not for everyone. You need to be approachable, adaptable, personable, patient, compassionate and intelligent at the bare minimum. All of UniTutor’s Tutors are personally interviewed, grade approved and police checked before their profiles are uploaded onto the website.


In 2015, Unitutor announced an exciting partnership with Crimson Education, one of the biggest global education companies which has been helping assist and provide resources, management and staff to help Unitutor grow as the leading education organisation in Otago.





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