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Terrible doesn’t even describe how I felt about BSNS107. But once I meet the right Tutor, each week I actually began to understand what was expected of me. They helped me in a way even I could understand. Thanks so much, I smashed the paper!

Design Student / University of Otago

I have been tutoring for UniTutor for the last 2 years. UniTutor has always allowed me to put my study first which has worked out perfectly when trying to balance a part time job alongside my study. I have always done private tutoring but with UniTutor all the hassles are gone.

Medicine Student (Tutor) / University of Otago

I honestly thought I was doomed for Statistics. I hated the paper and was stumped for a solution until I heard about UniTutor. My Tutor made it fun and fast to understand. My parents wanted me to pass so the answer was easy.... they prepaid my tutorials and I got a B in Stats - Cheers Mum, Dad & UniTutor!!!

Commerce Student / University of Otago